The Tangled WHAT?

“It seemed a little too pat. It had the austere simplicity of fiction rather than the tangled woof of fact.”
— Raymond Chandler, The Big Sleep

Raymond Chandler had it right — stories about the world aren’t simple. Science produces wonderful, wondrous, tangled stories and science can be misunderstood or misappropriated.

Science is a journey, a way of entering and understanding the world, and it should be open to anyone bursting with curiosity. Learning about evolution and, through its lens, studying human behaviour has — quite literally — changed the way I look at the world. Evolution is a wonderful, profound, quirky, tumultuous, controversial activity. I firmly believe it can be (and should be) understood by everyone.

Through this weblog, I hope to show how evolution changes your understanding of the world. Sometimes, I will talk about other people’s science. Sometimes, I’ll document my own attempt at doing science, from start to wherever the journey leads.

It is the scientist’s job to untangle the facts. And this is my way of entering the world.

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